Apple dan toch met NVIDIA kaarten in de toekomst?

9 juni 2017



Tot op dit moment is het Rommelen in de marge . . .

Software fabrikanten haken een voor één af om Apple software te ontwikkelen, omdat er geen NVIDIA kaarten kunnen worden gebruikt. En ze moeten zich daarbij in allerei bochten wringen.
Apple dient, om de professionele markt te kunnen bedienen, de consumenten verkoop en marketing aan de kant te schuiven en de techniek en de klant op de eerste plaats te zetten. Dat zal een moeizame operatie worden.

Is there a way to use Maxwell GPU on Mac OS?
Maxwell GPU rendering is not currently supported on Mac OS. For GPU rendering, nVIDIA graphic cards with CUDA support are required, and for the time being Apple does not provide machines that include these.
If you do have an older Mac model with an nVIDIA card, we cannot guarantee you a great experience, because those cards are obsolete and have not been tested. In addition, while GPU connections are possible through third-party Thunderbolt devices, these have not been thoroughly tested and we cannot guarantee stability.
Should Apple include graphics cards appropriate for GPU rendering in the future, we will likely support these.

Experimental Procedure: How to use Maxwell 4 GPU on Mac
March 14, 2017 Technology
If you still dare to do it, you make it at your own risk; we are not responsible for any harm or problem it may cause to your hardware or the information included in it.
Good Luck !

Why doesn't Apple use nvidia GPUs?

Why don't Apple computers use GPU like Nvidia?

Mac computer met Open-CL en OpenGL- videokaarten
van de fabrikant zelf


Hoop gloort aan de horizon

om nu eindelijk NVIDIA kaarten in een Apple Mac computer te kunnen gebruiken !!!
Nvidia working with Apple on graphics for 'revolutionary' new Mac products
By Neil Hughes
Monday, September 26, 2016
Link Appleinsider
A series of new available positions advertised by Nvidia seek software engineers for the company's Mac graphics drivers team. Qualified applicants should have experience with Apple's Metal cross-platform application programming interface, featured on new Macs as well as iOS devices.

Nvidia reveals Mac Pro-compatible Titan Xp PCI-e GPU, macOS drivers for Pascal-based video cards
By Mike Wuerthele
Thursday, April 06, 2017
Link Appleinsider

"Apple maakt in nieuwe Macs weer gebruik van Nvidia-GPU"
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